Replacement Windows

Your home deserves to have exceptional windows. For professional window installations and replacements, contact Four Corners Siding LLC of Cheyenne, WY. We have vinyl/fiberglass and wood frames available, and all options come with a lifetime warranty. A few characteristics of our window choices include:

  • Vinyl, fiberglass and wood frames
  • Custom manufactured sizes to 1/8”
  • Double or triple pane
  • Low-E coating
  • Grids are sealed between the panes
  • Hard or soft coat glass
  • Argon gas is available
  • Standard, tempered, obscure and laminated glass options
  • Screens included
  • Multiple operability options

Check out our frame options below, and call today to schedule your window installation.


  • White or sandstone colored frames
  • Guaranteed not to crack, chip, or peel as long as you live in your home
  • Frame options include nail fin, block and Z-bar
  • Hands-free locks and latches
  • Lifetime warranty

Wood Frames

  • Pine or Douglass fir frames
  • More than two dozen aluminum clad colors to choose from
  • Individual pre-sized exterior clad pieces are fully powder coated prior to baking
  • Colors baked into exterior cladding at 450 degrees for 20 minutes
  • Wood frame screens optional
  • 20-year warranty

You can trust our licensed and bonded company to compete top-quality window installation. Contact us today to schedule yours.

We make window installation easy for you

Once the old window is removed, we inspect the opening for water damage and replace all supports with solid material. The new window is then installed with silicone and window tape for a double seal. It’s leveled with shims, and then attached with galvanized nails and zinc fasteners. The area is insulated with spray foam and again sealed with silicone. Finally, we dispose of old windows and materials so you can instantly enjoy the refreshing look and feel of your new windows.

Call now to schedule your window installation in Cheyenne, WY and surrounding areas.