Vents, Shutters, & Shakes

We offer gable vents, shutters, shake and scallops in various colors and styles. A well-selected combination of color and style will give a home a refreshingly new look. Enhance the protection and cut down on the maintenance of your home with new low-maintenance soffit and fascia. Installing aluminum or vinyl soffit and aluminum or 29-gauge steel fascia will help protect your home from sun and weather damage. Our soffit and fascia comes in more than a dozen colors that will never need to be painted.

Gable Vents

• 20 colors
• Pre-primed paintable
• Rectangle, square, round, round top, half round, octagon and oval


• 20 different colors
• Louvered or raised panel finish
• 12” or 15” width
• Custom size height


• 10 colors
• Pre-primed paintable
• Hexagon, round, octagon, mitered corner, fish scale and half cove